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The Alliance Movement is ARROW’s three part strategic platform designed to facilitate racial healing training, encourage guided conversations about race and empower participants to work towards racial healing in their communities.

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Allied Institute is our workshop, lecture, written and online curriculum series that provides an education on the Myth of Race and racism that is not commonly taught in traditional educational settings.  The Allied curriculum is designed to transform how we learn, speak and perceive of race based upon ARROW’s philosophy of racial healing.  Our goal is incorporate our curriculum within school districts around the country, teach our philosophy in governmental, private and civic organizations, while facilitating current conversations about racial healing.

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Allied Dialogues Program (ADP) - is our Guided Conversation series where we focus on having transformative conversations about the Myth of Race and racism centered around current as well as historical topics about race.  We partner with various corporate sponsors that provide spaces for these conversations to take place. Our training is centered on helping participants develop active listening skills, or listening skills designed to understand another’s perspective rather than respond, to other person’s experiences with wounds of race and racism.  Further, our goals with these programs is to help participants recognize the humanity and individuality of irrespective of their ethnic or cultural background.

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Ally Initiative is our civic engagement program that empowers participants to select from one of seven different Ally Archetypes that best suits their particular passions, interests and personalities to work towards ARROW’s mission of racial healing.  Once selected, participants will receive training on and connect with other “Allies” working on ARROW sponsored racial healing campaigns in their respective communities. Participants will have the opportunity to connect both locally and internationally online via our soon to be launched ARROW online platform (ALLYLYNK).


Allied High – is our civic engagement program that targets high school students in an effort to help them learn about the Myth of Race and navigate difficult issues regarding race and racism in their schools and society at large. The purpose of this program is to introduce ARROW’s philosophy so that they have the tools to combat racism and ultimately prepare them to participate in the Ally Initiative.


Ally the Eagle’s Jr. Allies Program -  Ally the Eagle is ARROW’S mascot whose story was created in order to help introduce children to the ARROW’s philosophy of racial healing and train parents about how to talk to their children about race. In order to facilitate conversation and positive play, ARROW partners with different kids centered play places and sponsors Ally the Eagle play events where kids of different ethnicities are encouraged to play and learn from one another in a positive learning environment. The goal of the program is to empower the children become “Jr. Allies” so that they may begin to incorporate the lessons of racial healing early in their childhood development as a buffer against the racialized messages they will receive as they grow. Once they get older, participants will graduate to the Young Allies program and ultimately the Ally Initiative.