What We Believe


Hands of son holding his father's finger

We are but one race.  We begin our lives nestled in the blood of a woman’s womb and bear the mark of this union.  We are male and we are female.  We laugh and we cry.  We love and are loved.  We have all felt the pain of hunger and the exhaustion from thirst.  We are capable of great good or unspeakable evil.  Put simply, we are all human.  There is only the human race.  There is no such thing as a black race, white race, brown race, red race, yellow race or any other race for that matter.  We are one.  Although we may be a represent many different ethnicities, we are one human family. The belief that human beings can be separated into races is a myth that has deeply wounded humankind. 

The Myth of Race has been used to justify the deaths, exploitation and oppression of millions of human beings even to this very day.  At this time in our history, we not only face challenges, born during our very tragic past, but new challenges that threaten our very existence.  Divided, we will fail; not only ourselves but our children who have entrusted their lives into our hands.  Divided, the human race will fall.  Divided, our planet will die.

But together, there is no challenge that we cannot overcome.  Together we can heal the wounds of our tragic past.  Together, we can defeat any evil that seeks to control our existence.  Love is the most powerful force we know and it exists within all of us. If we can learn to love others as we love ourselves then we will not tolerate human suffering.  Human suffering exists because we allow it to exist through our actions and our inactions.  If we can form a collective conscience, such that the plight of others becomes one with our own, then we will not only hear the cries of humankind but work to end the horrors from which they come.  Together, we can build a future in which we all live together in peace and in harmony with our planet.  Together we can build an Alliance to Reunite and Repair Our World.

Steven N. Jones, Esq.

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