Who We Are


The Power of One – ARROW is asking for 100,000 people to donate one dollar to fund ALLYLYNK which is ARROW’s social networking platform.  ALLYLYNK will have the capacity to provide online trainings for the Ally Initiative, host online forums and webinars around current issues regarding race domestically and internationally, provide current updates regarding current events regarding race and connect allies all over the world who are working towards racial healing. The Power of One campaign is based on a simple premise: if each person who is genuinely concerned about racial healing and eliminating racism gave one dollar then collectively we can have a substantial impact on racial healing. The number one is symbolic of there being one human race.


THENEXT400 – August of 2019 represents 400 years since the first African slaves were brought to what would become the United States of America.  TheNEXT400 is a call to action based on the idea that several of the worst atrocities the world has ever seen have their origins with the introduction of the Myth of Race within the transatlantic slave trade.  Those atrocities include but are not limited to: the Jewish Holocaust and the extermination and forcible removal of Native Americans. TheNEXT400 is a campaign designed to expose the connection between these events, show how they are being relived today and present ARROW’s philosophy of racial healing as a path to racial healing for the next 400 years.

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