The Philosophy

 The Seven Points of the Alliance Philosophy

  • (1) We are one human race.  Although we represent many different ethnicities and cultures we are one human family.

  • (2) The myth of race is the foundation of racism and has deeply wounded humankind.

  • (3) The myth of race is the belief that humanity can be divided into superior and inferior races based on their physical features and is used to control, oppress or destroy the lives of human beings.

  • (4) No child is born racist; racism, hatred and bigotry are learned attitudes and behaviors.

  • (5) We must work together to heal our racial wounds and eliminate racism by rejecting the myth of race, recognizing our individuality and embracing our common humanity.

  • (6) We must work together to combat racism and its legacy both nationally and internationally.

  • (7) We must work together to combat the social ills that threaten humanity’s existence such as poverty, climate change and the exploitation of children in order to build a better world for the next generation of humankind.

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