Frequently Asked Questions

Does racial healing mean you want to heal race relations between races?

No. The healing we are referring to is that of the entire human race.We believe that there is only one race, the human race, and that the concept of race has severely wounded humanity.

Isn’t Race and Ethnicity the same thing?

No. The myth of race refers, in large part, to a system of classification based on physical features that ranks different into superior and inferior “racial” groups. Ethnicity, however, is about shared culture, language, and customs. An ethnic group may be biologically linked or physically similar but they do not have to be. Because many people do not appreciate this difference one may see a “race/ethnicity” section on an application, which makes the distinction unclear.

Why don’t you use the terms “black” or “white” to describe people?

We discourage our members from using racial terms such as “black,” “white” or “brown” because they are tools of social control; they control the mind of the oppressed and the oppressor. These terms prevent us from seeing the fundamental humanity and individuality in others.

Is A.R.R.O.W just for “black” or non-”white” people?

 No. We encourage ALL people to join A.R.R.O.W.   In fact, our philosophy recognizes how critical it is to build alliances with people of different cultures and ethnicities to engage in racial healing.

Do you think we have made progress in race relations?

No. Society confuses progress in race relations with progress with civil rights for so-called minorities. In sum, so-called black people and others have made strides with the passage of laws designed to protect their civil rights in America; even those laws, however, have been attacked and eroded recently.

We believe that genuine progress in race relations means that we fundamentally reject the very branding of one group of people as “black” or the labeling of one group of people as “white” because those labels are the foundation of individual, institutional and structural racism.

During slavery the myth of “race” was essential in identifying which humans were slaves and which ones were free. It reinforced the reality of being branded “black” and the privilege of being classified as “white.” The myth of race is still used to define the powerful and the powerless and that is why we encourage its complete and utter rejection.

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